Insolatus offers a variety of services to both individuals and businesses. Clients who decide to work with us can take advantage of a whole range of extra services we provide, such as Solar Panel Installation, Solar Panel Cleaning, etc.. Please get in touch to learn more about how we can serve you.


Execution, Guaranteed

This service was designed for out of state Solar EPC companies looking for installation partners in and around Mumbai. Out of state installations can be difficult to manage, especially liasoning with DISCOM's and end up turning to be very expensive. 

Insolatus started offering our expertise in Solar Panel Installation shortly after opening for business back in 2016. We realized that with all our years of expertise and all our equipment, we could offer our clients the most professional Solar Panel Installation work in town at amazing value for money.

If you have a project that needs working on contact us to see how we can be of service to you.


Expertise, Guaranteed

This service was designed for individuals looking to venture into the solar business but do not have the technical expertise. Alternatively, this service can also be hired by corporations looking for a in-house consultant for their solar projects. 

Insolatus is ready to be your Solar Energy Consultant. This service can also be combined with our installation service. We do everything we can to be your one-stop-shop.

To find out more about what our Solar Energy Consultation Service entails, get in touch with us today, and we will be sure to assist you.


Service, Guaranteed

After sales service is a major concern when deciding to go for Solar. A annual maintenance contract ensures that your investment is safe and your solar power plant performs at it best year after year.

We offer Solar AMC services to all residential, commercial and industrial clients. Our customers know that once they decide to work with Insolatus we will take care of them all the way down the line.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Contact us today to see how we can help.


Performance, Guaranteed

Performance of solar panels drops over time with accumulation of dust, bird droppings, etc. and can lead to loss in financial savings. Hence frequent cleaning of solar panels is necessary in order to ensure optimum power generation.

Solar panels can get damaged if not handled properly during cleaning. Our cleaning personnel are trained to carefully clean solar panels using tools specifically designed for the purpose.

Pricing depends on the frequency of cleaning needed. Contact us to select a cleaning plan suited to your budget. 


Protection, Guaranteed

A lightning strike can cause significant structural damage to a building, damage expensive electrical appliances and in some cases also cause death.

Protect against lightning strikes by installing a lightning arrestor. Our high quality lightning arrestors capture lightning and diverts it safely to the earth.

Call us today to design a lightning protection system for your building. 


Safety, Guaranteed

Solar power systems operate at very high voltages; both on the DC and AC side. Ungrounded electrical equipment can cause serious harm to human life and damage the electrical equipment itself in the event of a short circuit. Hence all electrical systems need to be properly grounded with the help of earth pits.

Earth pits provide electrical current with a path of least resistance to the earth thereby protecting the electrical equipment and anyone who comes in contact with it. Our earth pits have a long service life and are virtually maintenance free.

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